Become a reviewer

Why be involved in CURJ peer review?

  • Gain experience reading papers from the mindset of a reviewer.
  • Prepare yourself for transition out of grad school and into an early-career path.
  • Improve your academic writing skills.
  • Add a skill to your resume that may help you get a job or stand out as a more qualified candidate
  • Learn more about cutting-edge research in your field and adjacent fields
  • Help undergrad researchers see their work published!

Who may be a peer reviewer?

Currently enrolled Cornell University graduate students are invited to become peer reviewers.

What is expected for CURJ reviewers?

  • Review up to one to three submissions per issue (semester).
  • Respond to requests for review, and complete reviews, in a timely fashion. Reviews are typically done January-February for the spring issue, and May-July for the fall issue.

How to become a reviewer

Please complete the Graduate Student Reviewer Interest form.