Qué Bonita: A Remarkable Story of Family, Structure, and Love
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Traditional bridal wear is often described as white dresses made for women to wear on the day they marry a man to become a wife. This description does not include the many different social identities and cultural variations that people inhabit. Today brides are not just looking for dresses or even white garments: today people are looking for a special outfit to marry the person they love whether that be a man or woman: they are looking for an outfit that will make them feel special and beautiful. 

Through the use of practiced disruptive design techniques, I aim to transform the bridal industry into a space that’s inclusive and empowering to both people and the environment, starting with the way we view ourselves and society's definition of beauty by drawing inspiration from culture.

Through my inspiration from Mexico, the Catholic Church, their heritage, and spectacle, this collection will make people feel special, important, and confident. It will allow them to love themselves as they start a new chapter in their lives. As an esteemed bridal designer, Vera Wang once said, “It’s not just another dress, It’s the dress you’ll remember forever” (Wang).



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